My education at Texas A&M, which culminated with a B.L.A., introduced me to the wonderfully diverse field of landscape architecture. Studying landscapes took me through Italy, back to Texas, finally settling in California. The richness of the landscape here in Southern California coupled with the optimism of its inhabitants, makes this a perfect environment for design. My work as a landscape architect began in the commercial sector, working on museums, theme parks, planned communities, golf courses, and shopping centers. But quickly I found the need to create private gardens. My belief is that a home is a personal refuge, a place to recharge, a place to enjoy friends and family. I also believe that even people with smaller budgets should have quality professional services. After 10 years and hundreds of residential designs, these beliefs still form the basis for my practice.

Though primarily a residential landscape architect, a desire to share my knowledge led me to teach. At Cuyamaca College I teach Introduction to CAD for Landscape Design, Advanced Cad for Landscape Design, and a short term course on hand drafting for landscape designers. This fall (2008), the Introduction class will also be offered online. The opportunity to share my experiences and skills has brought me great joy.

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